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WeChat : The Awesome 5 Group

WeChat Application needs no introduction. If you are a Cat freak and love to connect to your friends, WeChat is certainly made for you. With some totally new concept of Voice Chat (like we used a walky-talky in childhood days), the shake feature and GPS/location based feature for look-around, WeChat is simply amazing. It has taken the chatting to another level.

So before we move one, we would recommend you to have a look at the following video from WeChat’s Youtube channel first:

WeChat : Who are the 5 which I’ll connect to

If I am given a choice to have a group chat on WeChat with 5 people, they are really going to be special. And before you move on with guessing, let me name them all and put on the reason why!!

1. Kangana Ranaut (Indian Bollywood Actress)

For those who know me well, Kangana Ranaut would be my first choice. For numerous known reasons, I would like to have a word with her. I would love to tell her that the heart inside me beats for her. How I live the day-in and day-out thinking of her.

There have been many a times that I am angry but just a glimpse of her (on Television ofcourse) changes my mood. I would like to tell her that I am not her fan. I am someone who loves him like anything.

2. Suresh Raina (Indian Cricketer)

For many a people, it could be Dhoni, Sachin or even Yuvraj who are responsible for Team India’s success today. But I give it all to Suresh Raina. He is someone who is too active on the ground.

He is a cricketer who will always show positive attitude on the field even if we are losing. He is the secret owner of Indian Team success.

3. The Undertaker (WWE Wrestler)

For people may think that WWE is all fixed and is for pure entertainment. But still a Wrestler who is 21-0 on Wrestlemania. He has never lost on the main stage.

People also suspects him to be ghost. It is claimed that he has been killed many a times. But he returns back everytime and beats out somone or other.

4. Marc Nassif (MD Renault India)

Marc Nassif is MD of Renault India. He might not be a famous personality in India. But I would like to meet him. He is the person who can be praised for launching amazing Renault Duster in India.

It has certainly changed the definition of SUV cars in India. It simply amazing plus totally affordable.

5. Chetan Bhagat ( Indian Author)

Chetan Bhagat is probably one of the most famous Indian author of our age. With success like Five point Someone, the 3 mistake of my life and many other novels, he is some one who changed the way people used to write in India.

Also one more reason which compels me to include him is that he is always found in some kind of controversy.

At the end, I would like to talk to all of them about Blogging. This is going to be interesting because they’re all from different fields. Chetan might have some idea as he writes novel. Kangana might also know as most celebrities have blog. But I doubt about Undertaker and Suresh Raina. Can’t say if Marc knows about it.

But it would be worth considering their knowledge about our area.

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