Opera for Android : Discover Browsing Beauty

Opera for Android is known to almost everyone. Opera is one of the most famous mobile web browser. And what better, the experience of using Opera for Android users just got better. There are people who spend a big amount of money on Android devices. They want to use it as an alternative to Laptops on the go.

Opera for Android is just been updated to ensure that the Android users get to discover the very best out of Internet on their device. The final version of Opera for Android is extremely fast and easy way to browse internet.

Opera for Android : The Factors taken in account

Following the three factors taken into account:

  • Rethought.
  • Redesign, and
  • Rebuild.

The final version now looks more like Beauty with Brain. The color scheme has been reduced to a light one. This matches with most of the bright colored Android devices. It is free to install and use like previous versions. You don’t need a rooted Android device. The Opera for Android is available on Google PlayStore itself. While we tried and tested it on an array of Android handsets, we found that it is way too better than other browsers.

You can also use Opera browser for finding and reading out news articles directly by just swiping on the right side from home screen. Not just news, but can choose from your favorite category including technology and arts. If you already have opera for Android installed, then you need to update it to enjoy the final version.

You can also make use of m.opera.com to download and install the browser directly on your device.

Have a look at the official video from Opera:

So what are you waiting for! Try  Opera final version now!

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