Increase RAM of Android Smartphone [How To]


Increase RAM of Android Smartphone – This was a task thrown towards me from one of my close friend. He bought a high-end costly Android Phone last year. But, the technology gets outdated at a very fast pace. His Android smartphone had 1GB of RAM. But he wasn’t happy because it was hanging a lot.

Android as operating system offers us a lot of functionality. But as per me, it is not very efficient on battery and memory management. People uses a lot of customized Apps to increase the battery life of their Android smartphones. But this in turn use memory. I am saying so because battery saver Apps generally keep running in background to save it, thereby using a lot of memory. So to increase RAM of Android Smartphone is a task which must be taken up.

We generally use a lot of Apps out of which 60% keeps running in background and consumes some part of your smartphone’s RAM. So we are here to help you increase RAM of Android Smartphone without any hardware changes.

Can an App increase RAM of Android Smartphone?

ROEHSOFT RAMEXPANDER App is an awesome App for Android based smartphones and tablets. It increase the RAM of your Android smartphone by using a part of your SD card as RAM. You might be amazed after reading above line but it is not a new concept.

We have seen a lot of software for our PCs which makes use of external USB drives to increase RAM. Before you use the ROEHSOFT RAMEXPANDER to increase RAM of Android smartphone, make sure that you its compatibility with your smartphone. We are saying so because the functions used to increase RAM of Android smartphone depends on the processor of your smartphone.

Here are the feature list of RAMEXPANDER:

  • SWAP RAM (Make use of SD card to increase RAM of Android smartphone).
  • No limit on SWAP size.
  • Autorun functionality.
  • Complete memory analysis.
  • Absolutely no harm.

The app can be downloaded directly from Play store. We have tried and tested this App on four different Android Devices in our lab. Hence if you are look to increase RAM of android smartphone, we recommend this app.

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