Evernote Food 2.0 : Now Available on Android

Evernote Food 2.0 has arrived for Android devices. After enjoying a taste of success on iOS, Evernote Food 2.0  finally will now make life of Android users tasteful. This will be the version 2.0 for the Evernote Food.  There are many amazing updated which they’ve come up with.

Evernote known for being software for archiving and note-taking, is one of the most downloaded App on Google PlayStore. This App version i.e. Evernote Food 2.0 is specially designed for foodies. If you are someone who loves to explore the taste buds, then Evernote Food 2.0 is certainly made for you.

Evernote Food 2.0 : The New Features Added

The Evernote Food 2.0 is divided into four sections with their headers being:

  • My Cookbook.
  • My Meals.
  • Explore Recipes.
  • Restaurants.

Here are some quick updates on all the categories available under Evernote 2.0 :

My Cookbook: This section can be used to arrange your favorite recipes selected by you personally. You can read and try them out at any point of time. You can even view them while on the go.

My Meals : This sections allow Evernote Food 2.0 users to make their own recipe articles and essays. You can even include images in them.

Explore Recipes: This section helps the Evernote Food 20 users to browse and search for their favorite recipes. There are more than thousand recipes to choose from. Not just recipes but you can also have a look at some amazing work from best food bloggers. You can choose any of the recipes and clip them in ‘My Cookbook section’.

Restaurants : This section would allow you to keep a list of restaurant whom you want to bookmark, try out in future. This also allows you to search for nearby restaurants.

So I don’t get even a single reason not to try Evernote Food 2.0 on your Android device. Specially if you are a house-lady with your own Android tablet, we would certainly recommend it.

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