BBM for Android : Be the First One to Try it Out

BBM for Android ! This was the latest buzz which have created a lot of speculations in the smartphone market. When BBM for Android was announced, the mobile experts says that it could be a step which may change the reach of RIM Blackberry.

The expected date of arrival of BBM for Android is mid of the Indian summer i.e. around first week of July 2013. As expected, the BBM for Android will only be available to few selective peoples only.

So if you are looking forward to try out BBM for Android, then you are at the correct place. Because, Blackberry is asking people to inform them that they would like to be among the few people who would like to try BBM for Android.

BBM for Android : Why is this on the Buzz!

BBM stands for BlackBerry messenger. This is one of the earliest applications which was available for messaging via Internet. It is rated the fastest, most secure and extremely helpful. It marked the beginning of Applications which would allow messaging via Internet.

WhatsApp, Hike and WeChat are amongst the few which followed the same concept started by BBM. However, BBM till date is only available for Blackberry devices. And a week ago, it was announced that BBM for Android & iOS is coming soon.

So if you would like to be amongst the few lucky people who would like to taste BBM on Android before everyone else does, then all you need to do is submit your email address to Blackberry.

Blackberry for Android : Get Lucky!

So what are you waiting for, book yourself to get BBM before anyone else does.

If you have any question to ask about BBM for Android, shoot it up right away and we’ll try to answer them for you. But we are sure of one thing, BBM for Android is coming for free and it will rock!

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