Lava Iris 504q : Quad Core Android Smartphone with Gesture Control

Lava Iris 504q is the latest addition to the Android smartphone series in India. With the gesture control on the offer, Lava Iris 504q seems like a good deal. It also looks that the Indian smartphone manufacturers have now started understanding that its not about the brand names any more. It is the quality of the hardware which attracts the mass.

Lava Mobiles have today announced the launch of Lava Iris 504q which offers motion gesture to the people. This looks like the beginning of good time to me. This feature will certainly change the upcoming smartphones. It is more about artificial intelligence.

Lava Iris 504q

Lava Iris 504q : The Gesture Example

Lava Iris 504q will allow you to click pictures if you wave your hand. However, the movement is limited only to right to left. This has been made possible due to the sensor which it has just near the camera. You can also use the gesture with music player and gallery.

The Lava Iris 504q is very light on weight. This is one of the feature which I liked most about the smartphone. OGS i.e. One-Glass Screen is something which allows Lava Iris 504q to get a super-crisp display. The touch of the Lava Iris 504q was also on the good side.

We tested the Lava Iris 504q on the Antutu benchmark and the score was 13,461 (which is better than a lot of smartphones in its category). It offers a resolution of 1280 x 720p. The 8 Megapixel camera is also an addition to the box. The internal memory is 4GB which could be increased upto 64 GB with external SD card. The phone runs on Android Jellybean 4.2.1. The RAM is 1GB and it also have a intelligent flip cover.

While we had a word with the LAVA team, they told use that Lava will be providing regular firmware upgrade to the customers. This will make them first Indian smartphone manufacturers who will offer pushed upgrades.

The price of Lava Iris 504q is Rs 13,499 which is perfect for the features and quality it possess. If you have any questions related to Lava Iris 504q, direct them to us in the form of comments below.