Dell Latitude 10-ST2 : Its Totally Worth it !

Dell Latitude 10-ST2 is the newest addition to the Windows 8 based tablets. We at TheDroidArea focus only on Android based devices. We received a call from Dell’s Media partner to review the Dell Latitude 10-ST2 on our website. As expected, we said NO as we do not have any margin for Windows based device here. But the officials said that once you try this ultimate device named Dell Latitude 10-ST2, you cannot deny a review. They said that we are sending this to you for a hands-on experience. And, there was no compulsion on us to review it.

Dell Latitude 10-ST2 was received at our main lab within just 3 hours of the phone call. I myself decided to try my hands over it. And, the Dell Latitude 10-ST2 was actually something which is sleek, stylish, beautiful and high-on-performance.

Dell-Latitude-10 ST2
The very first question in mind was that “Can it be an alternative to Apple’s iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab and moreover to the Microsoft Surface tablet?”

Dell Latitude 10-ST2

And, the answer was “YES!”. It has the ability to replace any of the high end tablet device.

Dell Latitude 10-ST2 : Look and Feel

Dell Latitude 10-ST2 tablet is covered with rubber stuff backing. It is surrounded by rubber from all the five sides (except the screen of-course). The tablet is complete black and is made up of fine gorilla Glass. The screen size is 10.2 inches. The resolution offered is 1366 x 768 pixels.

A small Windows button in front makes it look even more amazing. I tried the Windows Experience Index test on it and it got a score of 3.5. The graphics are simply amazing and 3D support is also available.

The processor used is Intel Atom which might not be one of the best power-house in the market but it is certainly optimised to provide a nice functionality.

The docking station also makes it possible to to use Dell Latitude 10-ST2 as a portable laptop with an external keyboard.

Dell Latitude 10-ST2 has two cameras with the primary camera at the back being 8.0 megapixels and the secondary camera at front being 2.0 megapixels and capable of capturing videos at 720p.

The connectivity was also no issues at all. I used the tablet with a ADSL 2+ connection and it was able to capture a speed of 8Mbps.

So all in all, Dell Latitude 10-ST2 is a good tablet to buy. but you cannot think of it as an alternative to Laptop or a windows based PC. This is however not only applicable to it but its a fact for all tablets. It is easily available at a price of around Rs 35,000. The price may be on the higher side, but one could expect it to be sliced down after a while.

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