AndroidManifest.XML : The Explaination

May 20, 13 AndroidManifest.XML : The Explaination

AndroidManifest.xml is a file which is encountered in all android applications. AndroidManifest.xml which is always present in the root directory and cannot have any other name. It is an essential file which provides information about application. This information is required by Android system. If the Android system do not gets this information from AndroidManifest.xml prior to running the application, it would execute it.

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Android Kernel : The Complete Explanation

May 17, 13 Android Kernel : The Complete Explanation

Android Kernel can be considered as the heart of Android Programming. If you want to learn write Android programs, then  it is recommended that you have knowledge of Android Kernel. If you are an Android lover and keeps on reading Android stuff in various forums and blogs, then you might have heard about Kernel many times.

The concept of Kernel is not unique for Android, rather we have a kernel associated with all Operating Systems. The Android kernel is a Linux based Kernel. So we might be interested to gain knowledge about it.

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Android OS Versions & Naming Conventions : Its Really Sweet

May 11, 13 Android OS Versions & Naming Conventions : Its Really Sweet

Android OS as an operating system do not need any introduction. primarily designed for touchscreen devices, Android today is one of the most famous Operating system for android devices.
While you may use a very costly smartphone powered by Android OS, you may not know some fact about the versions on Android and the history behind their names.

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