About Us

TheDroidArea has just begun its journey. We are less than a month old and stats do not speak the right picture at this moment. But, TheDroidArea.com had already started making an impact over the Android lovers.

Right from the very first week, we have started receiving requests for guest posts and Android App review. Those who know about the background which we come from, they know that we do not need an introduction in the Android Arena. We have had one of the famous Android platform in past.

About the Author

John is a software developer by profession. Working in a MNC based in US, John has an idea of the I.T culture which is followed in India. He has knowledge about an array of programming technologies.

He has been into the blogging world for over 6 years now and is a known name.

This platform (TheDroidArea) is primarily concentrated on the Android Technology which has been on the buzz for a while.

TheDroidArea would try and touch every phase on Android and make people aware about it.
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